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Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs

Office of the Vice Provost of Research

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Ilana Brito (ibrito (at) 

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Our goal is to broaden the scope of microbiome research so that it addresses microbiomes of all kinds. Microbiomes of developed and developing, industrialized and agricultural, populations are strikingly different. Yet, little is known what impact these differences have on microbiome-associated disorders and on benefits conferred by a so-called "healthy" microbiome. Our mission is to educate one another and to focus microbiome research on health issues that affect individuals on a global scale. Key focal points for the program are obesity, diabetes and infectious disease.

Through this program, we also aim to strengthen ties between collaborations between researchers at Cornell and international partners, through face-to-face brainstorming sessions centered on the most pressing health problems.


By including and embracing the participation of students leading up to and during the workshop and symposium, we aim to provide a unique learning environment for undergraduates at Cornell and international trainees to engage on this timely and compelling topic.


This is the future of the microbiome field.



Monday to Thursday, August 6th-10th, 2018

The workshop will have morning talks and afternoon discussions, panels and hands-on learning. Talks will be given by Cornell researchers as well as international participants. The topics include: the current state of the field and promising directions, local health issues and current practices, cost-effective technology and new technological capabilities, and funding mechanisms. The workshop will include a bioinformatics practical. One afternoon will also include a local hike to one of the local gorges. The final day will include a banquet. The workshop is invite-only, although you can apply below.

The workshop is also the culmination of the Summer Undergraduate Reading Program on the microbiome. International partners and trainees, who have been corresponding throughout the summer with faculty and students at Cornell will be able to work on projects and foster deeper collaboration. 


Friday August 11th, 2018

The week will culminate in a symposium that is open to the public and will highlight research being conducted at Cornell as well as invited speakers conducting cutting edge research in this field. A poster session will highlight the latest research from participants. 


The workshop is invitation-only. Interested applicants may apply.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Ilana Brito (ibrito (at) for an application. 

If you are interested in speaking or presenting a poster at the symposium:

Please send an abstract of your talk and/or poster to Ilana Brito (ibrito (at)

Need-based support may be available to assist with travel-related costs.

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