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Brito Lab Github
Find our code for:
Machine learning to predict the HGT network
PRO-seq performed on bacteria
Host-microbiome PPIs associations with disease
OIL-PCR used to identify taxa associated with AMR genes in various countries


Detailed OIL-PCR protocol!
Link your mobile (or non-mobile) genes of interest to other genes of interest (marker genes, for example!)
This was printed as part of our eLife article.


Microbial genomics hackathon!
We have held several hackathons and totally recommend it as a way to expose students to computational biology!
We wrote a guide with lessons we have learned along the way! Hack away!


Data from FijiCOMP

300 individuals from agrarian communities in Fiji provided saliva and in most cases, stool samples. Metadata on individuals, single-cell genomes from individuals' gut microbiome, a database of identified horizontally transferred genes, and metagenomic shotgun sequence data can be accessed here

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