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World Economic Forum 2017

January 2020 - Welcome our newest postdoc Sandra Liliana Arias to the lab! 

December 2019 - Albert Vill receives the 2020 CVG Distinguished Genomics Scholar Award! Congrats!

December 2019 - Spotlight on Felicia New describes her work and co-founding the Cornell First Generation & Low Income Grad Student Org (FiGLI).

December 2019 - Juan Beltrán becomes Dr. Juan! Congrats Juan on successfully(!) defending your PhD!

November 2019 - Our review on the internationalization of microbiome research is out! It's open access! Enjoy!

November 2019 - New preprint out about our new method for high-throughput assignments of host-relevant function of bacterial proteins!

October 2019 - Peter Diebold, Albert Vill and Ana Porras present posters and talks at BMES2019! Go team!

September 2019 - Sarah Post is recognized with a T32 Immmunoengineering Training Fellowship! Congrats!

September 2019 - Check out our latest preprint, work done with the Alm Lab at MIT on 24-hour sampling of human sewage! All in the name of public health!

September 2019 - Welcome Allison Greenberg, Matthew Rhee, and Harrison Margalotti (Ithaca College), our three new undergraduate researchers, to the Brito lab!

September 2019 - Ana Porras is recognized as an AAAS If Then Ambassador! Check out the microbes she crochets!

July 2019 - Undergraduate Abi Anima and Ana Porras launch our field research in Guatemala with a series of lectures with our collaborators Noel Solomons and Gabriella Montenegro!

July 2019 - Brito Lab sends Ana Porras to participate in Clubes de Ciencia in Colombia!

July 2019 - Ilana speaks as a World Economic Forum Young Scientist at the Annual Meeting of New Champions in Dalian, China.

June 2019 - Peter Diebold presents a poster at the Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design meeting in NYC!

June 2019 - HiPR-FISH (High Phylogenetic Resolution) mapping of the microbiome! Preprint of our collaborative work with the DeVlaminck Lab!

June 2019 - Welcome undergraduate summer researchers: Jeffrey Page from Ithaca College, Ketaki Londhe from Cornell, and REU student Elias West from Loyola Marymount University!

May 2019 - Jing Han Zhang and Taylor Walker graduate! Congratulations!

May 2019 - Welcome new grad students, Josh Jones and Hector Irizarry, and undergrad Jetaji Londhe, to the lab!

April 2019 - Our work with Pam Chang on bile salt hydrolases and a new click-chemistry-based method for studying protein function in the microbiome published in ACS Central Science!

April 2019 - Our doubly talented postdoc Ana Porras is an engineer by day and crocheter by night! Sometimes these two worlds collide!

April 2019 - Our microbiome hackathon was a huge success! Check it out!

March 2019 - Check it out in Nature Microbiology! Our paper on the transmission of human-associated bacteria!

March 2019 - Our work on biomaterials, vaccine efficacy and microbiome composition is published in Science Advances! Collaboration with Ankur Singh!

February 2019 - Registration for our Microbiome Hackathon is OPEN!

January 2019 - Our collaborative work with the Hernandez Lab is published in Osteoarthritis & Cartilage.

January 2019 - Our collaboration with Yale's Christakis Lab is highlighted on their website!

January 2019 - Ilana discussed antimicrobial resistance with Jenn Leeds (Novartis) at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

December 2018 - Ana Porras is awarded a Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship!

October 2018 - Juan Beltran lights up the Cornell tower with genomic signatures-- check it out!

September 2018 - Congrats to Ana Porras for winning the Cornell Postdoctoral Achievement Award for Community Engagement!

September 2018 - Congrats to Jon Sanders for winning a CIHMID Postdoctoral Fellowship!

September 2018 - Taylor Walker joins the lab!

August 2018 - The Brito Lab hosts a campus-wide symposium on August 10, 2018 as part of our Our Microbes, Our Global Health Program! Read about how it went.

August 2018 - Olivia Lang and Juan Beltran join the lab!

August 2018 - Global Cornell summer undergraduate Microbiome Ambassadors are about to welcome collaborators from over ten countries worldwide in our Our Microbes, Our Global Health Program

​June 2018 - Albert Vill and Carolyn Chlebek lead our 4-H Career Connections program in the lab! 

June  2018 - Ilana is now a Pew Biomedical Scholar!

May 2018 - Abi Anima joins the lab and is awarded a Student Assembly Summer Experience Grant!


May 2018 - Ilana receives the 2017 College of Engineering Research Excellence Award!

May 2018 - Ilana is named a World Economic Forum Young Scientist -- an honor for 50 scientists under the age of 40.

May 2018 - Hao Zhou and Sarah Post join the lab! Welcome!

April 2018 - The Brito Lab sends a contingent down to the USA Science & Engineering Festival in DC. Thanks Ana and Sharon! Read about it here!

March 2018 - Our first microbial genomics hackathon -- part of the HealthTech Hackathon -- goes off with a bang! 71 entrants in the AMR Challenge!

February 2018 - Ilana is interviewed on WFRI's Locally Sourced Science. Listen here! 

February 2018 - Ilana talks about Extreme Evolution as part of the Darwin Days event!

February 2018 - Cara blogs about FACS!

February 2018 - Diana Balint joins the lab and receives a CIHMID Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

January 2018 - Ilana speaks at Science on Tap!

October 2017 - Ilana wins Packard Foundation fellowship!

October 2017 - Ilana is now a NIH New Innovator!

September 2017 - Check out the Postdoc Spotlight highlighting Ana Porras!

September 2017 - Brito receives the Kenneth Rainin Foundation Innovator Award!

August 2017 - Alyssa Kent, our new postdoc, drives cross-country to join the lab! 

July 2017 - Brito Lab to host Microbial Genomics HACKATHON in February 2018!

July 2017 - Welcome Ana Porras, our first postdoc, and Qiaojuan Shi, Research Support Specialist and Lab Manager and Lab Savior!


June 2017 - Second annual Undergraduate Summer Microbiome Reading Group begins.

May 2017 - Albert Vill, Felicia New and Peter Dielbold join the lab!


March 2017 - Global Cornell sponsors 2018 Our Microbes, Our Global Health: Workshop and Symposium at Cornell!

March 2017 - Cara Pardon joins the lab!

February 2017 - Brito wins 2017 Sloan Research Fellowship!

January 2017 - DAVOS: Brito talks at the World Economic Forum. See the video.

October 2016 - Brito Lab granted Round 17, Gates Grand Challenge Award!

September 2016 - Brito Lab is EAGER: NSF funds technology development to test for HGT.

August 2016 - Brito is an OZY Magazine Rising Star!