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Brito Lab, microbiome, horizontal gene transfer, ilana brito


Brito lab, ilana brito, microbiome, horizontal gene transfer

Postdoc position available in the lab

Also currently recruiting grad students!

April 2024 - The MacMan defends!! Congrats Dr. Josh Jones!

April 2024 - Spatial tracking of horizontally transferred genes! Collaborative work with the De Vlaminck lab now accepted to Nature Microbiology!

April 2024 - Sandra's paper on modeling mucus in collaboration with the Yeo lab was accepted to the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules!

February 2024 - Our collaboration on resistant starch and bile acids with the Cummings lab is out in Gut Microbes!

February 2024 - Josh's paper applying scRNAseq to explore the effects of CRC-associated pathobionts on intestinal and immune cell transcriptomes is out in PLoS One!

January 2024 - Sharon's paper on sphingolipids produced by Prevotella is published in mBio! Awesome collaboration with the Johnson Lab @ Cornell!

January 2024 - Albert's paper on PRO-seq applied to microbiomes printed in Nature Microbiology!

January 2024 - Collaborative review on microbial transmission out in Cell! 2023

December 2023 - Ilana makes a cameo appearance on Quanta Magazine's take on the hot biology stories of 2023.

November 2023 - Welcome to our new technician, Locke Bonomo!

September 2023 - Peter's paper highlighting the limits of the microbiome reservoir of antimicrobial resistance genes is accepted! Now at Nature Communications!

September 2023 - Diana's review on host-microbiome protein-protein interactions is accepted to Trends in Microbiology!​

August 2023 - Hector's paper characterizing plasmids in CDC isolates is out!

August 2023 - Welcome undergraduates Stanley Chen (Biometry and Statistics '25) and Kelly Mei (BME '26) to the lab!

July 2023 - Héctor Loyola-Irizarry defends his thesis! Congrats!

June 2023 - Our first grad student from Nutrition! Luna Jaya joins the lab! Also welcome undergraduates Andrés Parra, a summer student from Colombia, and Emily Crites, Biometry and Statistics major, our two newest undergrdads to the lab!

June 2023 - Check out our latest preprint about spatially mapping mobile genetic elements with the De Vlaminck lab!

May 2023  - Collaborative work on macrophage responses with the Leifer lab now posted to BioXriv!

May 2023 - Congratulations to Hector Loyola Irizarry for being awarded the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement, Social Justice Award!

April 2023 - Welcome Jiawei (Azalea) Yang, our newest grad student, to the lab!

April 2023 - Lots of new work out this month from cancer-associated pathobionts to properties of mucus to analysis of a large-scale Honduran cohort to microbial transmission along social networks!

March 2023 - Daniel Lamm receives the NSF GRFP! Congrats!

March 2023 - Check out our collaborative work with the Danko lab and Vartanian lab!

January 2023 - Ellen van Wijngaarden, co-advised with Dr. Meredith Silberstein, joins the lab!

January 2023 - Welcome Maya Deen, Jesus Rivera-Zamudio and Rohit Lal, our newest undergrads to join the lab! 

November 2022 - Ana's manuscript on microbes degrading extracellular matrix (ECM) is published to mBio!

October 2022 - Yay! Cornell decided to keep us! The Brito Lab is tenured!

October 2022 - Hao Zhou defends his thesis! Way to go, Hao! Congrats!

September 2022 - Jiucheng Ding (MEng student) and Daniel Morgan (undergraduate) join the lab!

August 2022 - Ana's manuscript on microbes degrading extracellular matrix (ECM) is up on BioXriv!

July 2022 - It's conference season! Hao, Sharon, Josh, Albert & Peter all present their results at SEED, Lake Arrowhead, ISMB, Phage Genomics & ASM Microbe!​ Go team!

July 2022 - Ilana presents to high school students at the Curie Institute! ​

June 2022 - Hannah Ceisler  and Carl Sonderstrom are our newest undergraduates to join the lab!

May 2022 - Matt Rhee receives Honors on his Senior Thesis!

April 2022 - Peter Diebold defends! Congrats Dr. Diebold!

April 2022 - Albert's work applying PRO-seq to enable nascent transcriptomics of the microbiome is posted to BioXriv!

April 2022 - Welcome CB student Ian Lee to the lab!

April 2022 - Albert Vill defends his thesis! Congrats Dr. Vill!

April 2022 - Sarah Post wrote a beautiful review for Current Opinion in Structural Biology about host-microbiome protein-protein interactions.

March 2022 - Our paper uncovering a vast network of host-microbiome protein-protein interactions is out in Genome Biology! Congrats Hao and Juan!

March 2022 - Felicia's paper on identifying human mutations that affect overall microbiome function is out in Scientific Reports!

March 2022 - Daniel Lamm, PhD candidate in BMCB, joins the lab!!

January 2022 - Ilana receives the 2022 BMES-CMBE Rising Star Award!

November 2021 - Felicia New successfully defends her thesis!

November 2021 - Ilana receives the BMES-Cell and Molecular Bioengineering (CMBE) Rising Star Junior Faculty Award!

November 2021 - Adarsh Singh, PhD candidate in BME, joins the lab!

October 2021 - Hao's paper on predicting the network of horizontal gene transfer is published in  Science Advances! The Cornell Chronicle covered it here!

July 2021 - Ana's paper on the health impacts of geographic differences in microbiomes is out in Cell Reports!

​​July 2021 - Peter's OIL-PCR method is accepted to eLife! Fantastic!

June 2021 - Ilana previewed this article in Cell Host & Microbe. Check it out!

June 2021 - Our most recent collaborative effort with the Shapiro Lab is published in Genome Biology and Evolution!

May 2021 - Welcome to our newest postdoc Jeffrey Cornuault!

April 2021 - Our review on methods to detect HGT comes out in Nature Reviews Microbiology!

March 2021 - Sharon made a video about the lab for virtual recruitment weekend and it won a prize!

February 2021 - Our collaboration with the Dörr lab is published in EMBO Reports!

February 2021 - Hao Zhou receives the 2021 Hsien Wu and Daisy Yen Wu Scholarship!

January 2021 - OIL-PCR, our versatile, easy-to-use fusion PCR method posted to BioRxiv

December 2020 - HIPR-FISH paper comes out in Nature! Fun collaboration with the De Vlaminck Lab!

December 2020 - BME PhD candidate James Stangeland joins the lab!

November 2020 - Josh Jones is recognized as a 2021 CVG Scholar!

November 2020 - Brito introduces our COVID-19 project at the Cornell COVID-19 Symposium!

September 2020 - Brito is awarded the College of Engineering's Robert ’55 and Vanne ’57 Cowie Excellence in Teaching Award!

September 2020 - Congrats to Hector Irizarry and Felicia New for being awarded an NIH Research Fellowships!

September 2020 - Welcome Diana Balint, microbiology PhD student to the lab!

August 2020 - Welcome Doris Vandeputte, our newest postdoc (and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow!) to the Brito Lab!

August 2020 - Our study on horizontal gene transfer within neutropenic individuals is published in Nature Communications! Read it here! We see HGT between the microbiome and pathogens during the course of treatment. Read our blogpost!

August 2020 - Ilana is a guest on the Science Vs. podcast! Listen here!

July 2020 - Check out our how-to hold a microbial hackathon guide!

July 2020 - Brito receives the Lupus Research Alliance - Bristol Myers Squibb Accelerator Award!

July 2020 - Check out our review on metagenomic analyses in the Annual Review of Microbiology!

June 2020 - The lab partially reopens with caution as COVID-19 caseloads drop in Ithaca.

June 2020 - Check out our recent collaborative publication with the Singh lab on introducing bacterial antigens to germinal center organoids!

May 2020 - The Genome Innovations Hub is supporting our work to develop novel methods for deciphering genomes from metagenomic samples!

March 2020 - Lab shutdown due to COVID-19. Stay tuned for updates!

March 2020 - Our latest preprint on horizontal gene transfer within neutropenic individuals was just posted!

March 2020 - With sadness, we decided to cancel the 2020 Microbiome Hackathon to keep safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, check out our how-to guide on hackathons!

February 2020 - Doris Vandeputte, a postdoc who will join us this year, just received a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship!

January 2020 - Welcome our newest postdoc Sandra Liliana Arias to the lab! 

December 2019 - Albert Vill receives the 2020 CVG Distinguished Genomics Scholar Award! Congrats!

December 2019 - Spotlight on Felicia New describes her work and co-founding the Cornell First Generation & Low Income Grad Student Org (FiGLI).

December 2019 - Juan Beltrán becomes Dr. Juan! Congrats Juan on successfully(!) defending your PhD!

November 2019 - Our review on the internationalization of microbiome research is out! It's open access! Enjoy!

November 2019 - New preprint out about our new method for high-throughput assignments of host-relevant function of bacterial proteins!

October 2019 - Chengqi Xu, BME Masters of Engineering canditate, joins the lab!

October 2019 - The Brito lab is featured in the BME Newsletter in an article about the expanding microbiome research at Cornell!

October 2019 - Peter Diebold, Albert Vill and Ana Porras present posters and talks at BMES2019! Go team!

September 2019 - Sarah Post is recognized with a T32 Immmunoengineering Training Fellowship! Congrats!

September 2019 - Check out our latest preprint, work done with the Alm Lab at MIT on 24-hour sampling of human sewage! All in the name of public health!

September 2019 - Welcome Allison Greenberg, Matthew Rhee, and Harrison Margalotti (Ithaca College), our three new undergraduate researchers, to the Brito lab!

September 2019 - Ana Porras is recognized as an AAAS If Then Ambassador! Check out the microbes she crochets!

July 2019 - Undergraduate Abi Anima and Ana Porras launch our field research in Guatemala with a series of lectures with our collaborators Noel Solomons and Gabriella Montenegro!

July 2019 - Brito Lab sends Ana Porras to participate in Clubes de Ciencia in Colombia!

July 2019 - Ilana speaks as a World Economic Forum Young Scientist at the Annual Meeting of New Champions in Dalian, China.

June 2019 - Peter Diebold presents a poster at the Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design meeting in NYC!

June 2019 - HiPR-FISH (High Phylogenetic Resolution) mapping of the microbiome! Preprint of our collaborative work with the DeVlaminck Lab!

June 2019 - Welcome undergraduate summer researchers: Jeffrey Page from Ithaca College and REU student Elias West from Loyola Marymount University!

May 2019 - Jing Han Zhang and Taylor Waker graduate! Congratulations!

May 2019 - Welcome new grad students, Josh Jones and Hector Irizarry, and undergrad Ketaki Londhe, to the lab!

April 2019 - Our work with Pam Chang on bile salt hydrolases and a new click-chemistry-based method for studying protein function in the microbiome published in ACS Central Science!

April 2019 - Our doubly talented postdoc Ana Porras is an engineer by day and crocheter by night! Sometimes these two worlds collide!

April 2019 - Our microbiome hackathon was a huge success! Check it out!

March 2019 - Check it out in Nature Microbiology! Our paper on the transmission of human-associated bacteria!

March 2019 - Our work on biomaterials, vaccine efficacy and microbiome composition is published in Science Advances! Collaboration with Ankur Singh!

February 2019 - Registration for our Microbiome Hackathon is OPEN!

January 2019 - Our collaborative work with the Hernandez Lab is published in Osteoarthritis & Cartilage.

January 2019 - Our collaboration with Yale's Christakis Lab is highlighted on their website!

January 2019 - Ilana discussed antimicrobial resistance with Jenn Leeds (Novartis) at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

December 2018 - Ana Porras is awarded a Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship!

October 2018 - Juan Beltrán lights up the Cornell tower with genomic signatures-- check it out!

September 2018 - Congrats to Ana Porras for winning the Cornell Postdoctoral Achievement Award for Community Engagement!

September 2018 - Congrats to Jon Sanders for winning a CIHMID Postdoctoral Fellowship!

September 2018 - Taylor Walker joins the lab!

August 2018 - The Brito Lab hosts a campus-wide symposium on August 10, 2018 as part of our Our Microbes, Our Global Health Program! Read about how it went.

August 2018 - Olivia Lang and Juan Beltran join the lab!

August 2018 - Global Cornell summer undergraduate Microbiome Ambassadors are about to welcome collaborators from over ten countries worldwide in our Our Microbes, Our Global Health Program

​June 2018 - Albert Vill and Carolyn Chlebek lead our 4-H Career Connections program in the lab! 

June  2018 - Ilana is now a Pew Biomedical Scholar!

May 2018 - Abi Anima joins the lab and is awarded a Student Assembly Summer Experience Grant!

May 2018 - Ilana receives the 2017 College of Engineering Research Excellence Award!

May 2018 - Ilana is named a World Economic Forum Young Scientist -- an honor for 50 scientists under the age of 40.

May 2018 - Hao Zhou and Sarah Post join the lab! Welcome!

April 2018 - The Brito Lab sends a contingent down to the USA Science & Engineering Festival in DC. Thanks Ana and Sharon! Read about it here!

March 2018 - Our first microbial genomics hackathon -- part of the HealthTech Hackathon -- goes off with a bang! 71 entrants in the AMR Challenge!

February 2018 - Ilana is interviewed on WFRI's Locally Sourced Science. Listen here! 

February 2018 - Ilana talks about Extreme Evolution as part of the Darwin Days event!

February 2018 - Cara blogs about FACS!

February 2018 - Diana Balint joins the lab and receives a CIHMID Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

January 2018 - Ilana speaks at Science on Tap!

October 2017 - Ilana wins Packard Foundation fellowship!

October 2017 - Ilana is now a NIH New Innovator!


September 2017 - Check out the Postdoc Spotlight highlighting Ana Porras!

September 2017 - Brito receives the Kenneth Rainin Foundation Innovator Award!

August 2017 - Alyssa Kent, our new postdoc, drives cross-country to join the lab! 

July 2017 - Brito Lab to host Microbial Genomics HACKATHON in February 2018!

July 2017 - Welcome Ana Porras, our first postdoc, and Qiaojuan Shi, Research Support Specialist and Lab Manager and Lab Savior!


June 2017 - Second annual Undergraduate Summer Microbiome Reading Group begins.

May 2017 - Albert Vill, Felicia New and Peter Dielbold join the lab!


March 2017 - Global Cornell sponsors 2018 Our Microbes, Our Global Health: Workshop and Symposium at Cornell!

March 2017 - Cara Pardon joins the lab!

February 2017 - Brito wins 2017 Sloan Research Fellowship!

January 2017 - DAVOS: Brito talks at the World Economic Forum. See the video.

October 2016 - Brito Lab granted Round 17, Gates Grand Challenge Award!

September 2016 - Brito Lab is EAGER: NSF funds technology development to test for HGT.

August 2016 - Brito is an OZY Magazine Rising Star!


This waterfall is about 500 steps from our lab!

From back, left to right:

Josh Jones, Elias West, Peter Diebold, Sharon Xiao, Jeff Page, Taylor Walker, Luana Johnston, Albert Vill, Hao Zhou, Ana Porras, Qiaojuan Shi, Sarah Post, Ilana Brito, Felicia New, Juan Beltran, Alyssa Kent



The Brito Lab is recruiting graduate students from all departments at Cornell.

We are especially seeking people with computational expertise in -omics research.

We're also seeking talented computational and experimental postdocs.

Please contact Prof. Brito for more information.


March 13-15 2020 (Sadly canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak)

Solve pressing questions about our relationships with microbes using their genomes!

Learn about what you can do on the command line.

All in 24 hours.

Microbial genomics, antibiotic resistance, microbiome, pathogens.

More info can be found here.

Summer 2020

Join us to talk about news and pop science articles about the microbiome.

Our theme this year is global health. Contact Prof. Brito for more information.

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